Luminosity Blending – 1

Color to B&W and back

This is a video step-by-step that corresponds to an earlier blog post on the same subject which you can find here. I go through the same steps in this video so you can see exactly what I’m doing…

LuminosityBlending-1 from Lee Varis on Vimeo.

If you like these tutorials please click the “Like” button! This was part of a live presentation I made for the Tucson Photography Meetup Group – I will try to record live presentations and share short segments with you in my blog. Please let me know what you think – do you want more of these?

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4 thoughts on “Luminosity Blending – 1

  1. Paul Hodgson

    Hi Lee

    You asked if we’d like to see more of these…oh YES! Informative, easy to follow, helpful, must have…take your pick.

    Your recent skin softening tutorial was especially terrific. I’ve since passed your tutorial on to other tog friends.



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