I recently recorded a webinar for the Mac Group about using the Sekonic L-758DR Digital Master Light meter, where I shot landscape photos at the Scituate Lighthouse in  Massachusetts.  Part of the webinar was about post processing, and I did an abbreviated version of my image enhancement workflow. I am providing a little more in-depth version of my workflow, that I like to call the “10-Channel Workflow,” in this step-by-step video:

There is a bit more left to do to finish this particular image, a final white point/black point curve, and possibly blending back the B&W rendering into the color – but the bulk of the image processing is taken care of by the series of channel luminosity blends, and the trip into Lab. Here is a gallery of images from the shoot – all of which have received some form of this processing to enhance tone, contrast and color: https://varis.com/Galleries/galleries/ScituateLighthouse/

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