As some of you may know, I have been teaching workshops on still life photography using a special lighting technique I call “Lighting in Layers.” Of course, this technique is especially well suited to objects that don’t move, but everyone always asks if you can use this technique with people. Well… yes, you can, and I recently had the opportunity to prove it in a workshop setting at FOTOfusion 2014, this past January. I conducted a studio lighting workshop for light painting the nude, the first time I’ve taught this particular workshop, and everything turned out great.

On Chair

The light painting technique requires the model to remain motionless during and in-between exposures.

Ayize turned out to be a master at remaining motionless, facilitated of course, by careful posing on an over-stuffed chairs and couch. This allowed for the necessary comfort and support to keep most of the figure still during 6-second exposure “passes” with a small LED flash light.

I had a group of 9 photographers, assembled in front of the model, cameras set on manual w/ ƒ11-16 @ 6 seconds. I counted out “1, 2, 3…” they would all open their shutters, and I would “paint” light onto the model. Each pose received several different “passes” with the flashlight illuminating different parts of the body. I often start with a very soft overall light that will become the “base” ambient fill. The Westcott Ice Light is ideal for this, but all of the other, more dramatic lighting comes from small inexpensive LED flashlights!

Minus Clarity and Contrast

Minus Clarity and Contrast

In the other version, below, a maximum plus-Clarity setting was used to bring out the details in the couch. This version was used at the end, just for the couch!

PhotoshopScreenSnapz005 PhotoshopScreenSnapz006 PhotoshopScreenSnapz007 PhotoshopScreenSnapz012 PhotoshopScreenSnapz013


You can see how the lighting is slowly built up, adding one layer at a time until you have achieved the desired result. This image used 16 layers, including the blank “Background” layer and a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to colorize the couch a bit.

New England ASMP event March 22nd, 2014 at E.P.Levine just outside of Boston.

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