Rome, Amalfi Coast, and Pompeii

I’m just throwing up a quick post from the road here in Italy. Stay tuned for more detailed posts later.

First stop was Rome and a quick walking tour. Our hotel was just a few steps away from the Trevi Fountain:

Trevi Fountain

It was hard to get close to the fountain as it was always surrounded by a large crowd.

We spent the first day walking around Rome and catching a few of the many sights and monuments! Walking is really the best way to get to know a city as a photographer because you can take your time and pause long enough to study the sights and photograph the scenes you encounter. I have hundreds of shots to go through now and I’m only able to post a few quick ones here because the internet connectivity is not like the US – my hotel in Rome charges by the hour and the connection times out frequently.

Vatican Alter

Inside the Vatican.

We got to see many of the main attractions including the Pantheon and the Vatican – more photos later when I get back home!

The 2nd full day was spent with a tour of the Amalfi coast that ended up at Pompei where we were shown around by an archeologist guide who could have been an Italian movie star.


A view of the bay at Positano in the Amalfi coast region.

The ancient city of Pompeii with mount Vesuvius in the background.

Much more to show you but I have to end right now because my internet connection is timing out! Stay tuned for images of Florence, our next stop on the trip!