The past year has been huge for me – lots of changes both personal and professional. This blog is only a little over one year old so this year end marks a major anniversary for me. I am so grateful for the support and interest of my readers who have followed me this past year. I hope to continue to provide new insights into the processes of digital imaging and photography in the years to come. Below I list some of the years highlights for easy access:

1-30- Luminosity Blending to Lighten Dark Skin – An application of the 10 Channel Workflow to solve a common problem with dark skin.

2-25- The Casual Portrait – When you are called upon to shoot a portrait and you do not have access to a studio or professional lighting you can still achieve excellent results with these tips.

3-04- Eds Curves– A tutorial for identifying and solving the problem of banding in smooth gradients.

3-11- 20 Years of Digital Imaging – a video presentation of my career in movie posters and photo-digital illustration.

4-13- High Pass for Texture – Most of the time you want to remove wrinkles, but sometimes you want to emphasize character lines – this tutorial shows how.

4-18- How to Really Use Content Aware Fill – Tricks for forcing content aware fill to work the way you want.

4-28- New Skin Smoothing Techniques – A new technique that didn’t make it into the skin book. This tutorial shows how to smooth skin and preserve texture at the same time.

5-11- Make the Magic Hour – A digital twist on the classic architectural photography technique that combines a twilight sky with a nighttime building.

6-6- Union Station Photo Safari – The LADIG photo tour of the Los Angeles train station.

6-13- Secrets of the Mask Panel – A tutorial on refining a mask to preserve hair wisps using the new features of Photoshop 5 mask panel.

8-25- Simulating Film Grain and Other Textures – A tutorial about how to apply textures to an image using Overlay layers.

11-10- Photo Mandalas – A tutorial on an interesting photo abstract technique.

Of course there are many tutorials and photo stories dispersed throughout the many blog posts so, if you are coming to this blog for the first time I encourage you to explore all of the past posts because there is a lot of gold there. I’m out for the rat of the year so I’ll resume here after the first.

Happy New Year