Ushering in a New Age: The Knowledge Economy

We have fully entered the holiday season! Black Friday is past, the week of Cyber Monday is upon us, and everyone is rushing about, participating in the tradition of consumption that has brought on the paradigm shift of economic collapse! I have successfully resisted the urge to buy (so far) and am busy preparing for my new age of knowledge sharing. Hopefully I can help in building a foundation for a shift away from the consumption of material “things,” and toward the sharing of knowledge about how things work.

24 hr. Photoshop Live Webinar Event!

I will be participating in the international live webinar event 24 hr. Photoshop Feb. 10th-11th, timezone dependent. Register for free sessions or pay for an all-access pass. The first of its kind, I believe that this is the future of the educational conference! You will be able to see multi-media presentations on your own computer screen from experts around the world, not just local to a specific physical place. You will have the best seat in the house – no need to travel, devour fossil fuel, or feed corporate real estate entities! Join me for an eco-friendly knowledge exchange from wherever you call home. More details to come…

PMA@CES DIMA Conference Session

I will be doing a seminar session on the “10-Channel Workflow”at the PMA@CES show in Las Vegas, January 8th-13th – My session is on Sunday, Jan 8th from 1:30-2:45pm, part of the DIMA conference. This presentation will give you a strategy for approaching image enhancement to take your photography to the next level. Learn about:

• Tone & contrast vs. color
• Black point, white point and neutral values
• Raw file processing
• Luminosity blending for tone control
• Lab colorspace techniques
• “K” channel masks
• 3D sharpening techniques

The lecture-demo will examine a range of different Photoshop techniques that approach image enhancement from a completely new direction. The popular notion that the majority of image correction should occur in the Raw processor is discarded, in favor of a multi-channel strategy that deals with tone and contrast separately from color in Photoshop, resulting in superior control and quality.

The CES/PMA convention represents the last traditional electronics/imaging product show! Held in the capitol of consumption, this display of technology is unequaled anywhere on the planet. While the event showcases material “things,” it ironically contains the seeds of the emerging social structure based on communication. Everyone is already freely sharing images, video, books, audio; the barriers to authorship are falling away, such that there are no “gate keepers” anymore.  The current tools for creative communication are on display at CES/PMA, and this may be one of the last times you can experience this kind of up-close-and-personal exposure to new technology, at least at this scale.

FOTOfusion 2012

I will be participating in the Palm Beach Photographic Centre’s annual photo festival from January 24th – 28th. Escape the winter cold in sunny Florida and take advantage of the many educational opportunities, such as:

  • Portfolio Reviews by 100 Experts
  • Mini FOTOshoots
  • Seminars & Panel Discussions
  • Hands-on Computer Labs
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Photography & Digital Art Exhibitions
  • Book Signings & Gallery Walks
  • Fuse & Schmooze Parties Nightly
  • FOTOfusion Technology Centre

My program details will be available soon, so stay tuned.

 Photoshop for Designers Seminar Series

I will be traveling around the country for a series of full-day seminar presentations on production fundamentals for the Photoshop professional. Learn how to really drive Photoshop with the fundamental techniques that professional artists use in day-to-day work. The key to Photoshop mastery is “under-the-hood” knowledge of how things work, not the latest plug-in or script-driven effect. Learn what works now, and what will continue to work for many years to come. The proposed dates and locations are:

1/31/12        Minneapolis

2/2/12          Chicago

3/20/12        Seattle

4/19/12        Boston

5/31/12        Philadelphia

6/28/12         NYC

10/16/12      Toronto

Click on dates above to register and see more details.

I welcome any comments—let me know what kind of seminar you’d like to see next year. I’m making plans now, so please let me know what your biggest concerns are! Blog posts are going to be a bit scarce from now until the end of this year but, hopefully, I’ll have a few tutorials to share before the year is up.