This was the scene when I woke up this morning!

Snow Covered Car

Snow in Tucson Arizona?

My hosts in Oro Valley, just outside of Tucson Arizona, assured me that it never snows in Tucson. When I went to bed the sky was clearing and it was a fairly warm night… 6 hours later and everything was covered in snow! Fine powdered sugar snow was drifting around while I hitched up the trailer and finished packing my car – not something I expected to have to deal with at 6 AM…

Fortunately the rest of the trip home was uneventful and by 10 AM the sky cleared and there was no snow to be found. It was just such an incredible contrast with the night before where the evening stared out like this:

Sunset in the Arizona Desert

This is the classic Arizona scene - a fiery sunset over desert cactus!

So now I’m back in Los Angeles and jumping into the next project. Unfortunately, I have little time to reflect on my experiences in Arizona – I normally enjoy a day or two post trip to process image files and write my thoughts but I must shelve this for a week or so until I get some spare time.

I recorded my presentation to the Tucson Photography Meetup group so stay tuned for a future blog post with video from the event…