No… I’m not talking about stock photography!

Now that we are in the “count down to New Year” phase it is time to really evaluate what has worked and what could work better. You’ll notice that I did not say “what hasn’t worked” – it is now my firm belief that trying anything, even if you fail miserably, is a form of success in that you WILL learn something valuable that you would not have if you didn’t try! Most successful people “failed” multiple times before achieving their goals. So, in that spirit, I consider that everything I have tried has worked even it if is just to learn something about what doesn’t work.

My Technopod adventure is really just beginning and lots of things need adjusting before I can really begin living the small footprint life I have been planning. Most of the things that need adjusting are “internal” – attitudes, habits and other issues of a restless mind – but there are some physical adjustments that are necessary as well. Many of these things will be addressed as time goes along – some are not clearly identified yet. Some things are a constant struggle to “get clear” with like: “How independent do I really need to be?” “Can I involve others successfully in my quest?” “How do I become location independent and still offer a consistent workshop experience for my students?” The goal is really a path that just goes on and on – everything is an experiment in living that is never really finished, just “worked on!” The key is to keep working!

The other thing I’d like to consider are the things I want to get rid of and the the things I want more of in the coming year. This breaks down more or less like this: less physical possessions/more health & fitness, less mental baggage/more creative time…

In the interest of continuing the struggle, I am selling off a lot of valuable “stuff” like a large Anthrocart computer desk, Nikon glass, a complete 4×5 Horseman view camera among other things. I’m continuously updating a “For Sale” page:

Valuable Items for Sale

check back periodically as I will be adding to this page on a regular basis. Things will show up here before they go on e-Bay. Make me an offer if the price doesn’t suit you but the item does!

Finally, I’d like to thank the many people who have made the last year special for me – I hope we can all stumble into the future without too many bruises. Here’s to a great new year!