How To Create a Cross-Process Look in Photoshop

Here is another preview tutorial for the 24hr Photoshop event that will be happening November 14-15th—more details at:

Here is a detailed step-by-step video tutorial that examines a fairly sophisticated technique for re-creating a classic film processing effect. The tutorial uses a reverse Curves adjustment layer, layers and layer masks, Difference apply mode, Overlay apply mode, advanced Blending Options, Noise and Gaussian Blur filters, and Motion Blur and Unsharp Mask filters!

This video is part of my course: “The Fundamentals of Photo-Illustration in Photoshop” – the course contains 15 projects, 9 hours of video plus 2.5 gigs of sample files, layered Psd documents, PDFs, etc… Click below to purchase the course:

The Fundamentals of Photo-Illustration in Photoshop


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