Aerial Perspective in Photoshop

I’m in the process of preparing some tutorials for the upcoming 24 Hours of Photoshop event and I thought I’d start previewing some of this material for you here. First up is a very detailed examination of a technique for introducing an atmospheric effect into a photo to create a sense of space and separate foreground from background:

This is a very detailed tutorial over 30 minutes in length and it covers multiple techniques including:

  • Shadows/Highlights adjustment
  • Pen tool selections, channels, and masks
  • High Pass Overlay layer
  • Clouds filter
  • Screen layer

This video is part of my course: “The Fundamentals of Photo-Illustration in Photoshop” – the course contains 15 projects, 9 hours of video plus 2.5 gigs of sample files, layered Psd documents, PDFs, etc… Click below to purchase the course:

The Fundamentals of Photo-Illustration in Photoshop



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