Light Photographic Workshops on the central coast of California

1062 Los Osos Valley Rd., Los Osos, CA 93402

Coming to my workshop in Los Osos? If you need a ride or if you have a ride to share please leave a message in the comments!

Light Photographic Workshops in July and August

I will be teaching two workshops up north in Los Osos California for Light Photographic Workshops. Escape the summer heat to a picturesque location on the northern California coast – make the most of your vacation and learn about advanced photography and Photoshop!

July 21st – 24th, Photoshop Fundamentals :

This course provides an in-depth exploration of professional photographic image enhancement techniques. The focus will be on developing strategies for generating the highest possible image quality in a consistent and controlled manner. Topics include:

  • Best RAW file processing strategies
  • Mastering Curves editing• Color correction “by the numbers”
  • Layers and Blending Modes• Masking techniques
  • Noise reduction strategies
  • B&W conversion techniques
  • Luminosity Blending
  • Basic Retouching

Early bird price – $625

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August 18th – 21st, New Digital Zone System:

This course is a 21st Century re-imagining of a classic methodology for enhancing photographic quality – The original Zone System was developed by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer in 1939-1940 and for 65 years it represented the pinnacle of photographic craft. Today, digital technology has made much of the methods of the Zone System obsolete, however, the conceptual foundation of the Zone System can still be applied to digital photography.
The Digital Zone System offers a step-by-step method for learning exactly how your camera performs, the true dynamic range of your captures and calibrates for the specific color bias of your image sensor. The System applies this knowledge to an approach to exposure that maximizes the quality of your captures and gives you a strategy for post-process enhancement in Photoshop. Topics include:

  • Zone test to find the true Exposure Index for your camera
  • Saving camera profiles in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom
  • Understanding zones and exposure
  • Exposing for white and black point limits
  • Setting up Raw processing for best results
  • Curves editing in Photoshop

The course involves shooting a test and developing a personal camera profile followed by a shooting assignment and a final day of post processing instruction.

Early bird price – $625