Palm Beach Photo Center

The home of FOTOfusion – taken with my iPhone

Well… here I am in sunny West Palm Beach Florida for the annual FOTOfusion event. Ive been invited along with a group of photography masters to present at the photo conference. The Palm Beach Photo Center is in the middle of downtown West Palm Beach in the same building as the main public library and attached to city hall. They have a great facility that includes a first class gallery space, computer labs and a daylight studio with a good compliment of lighting and grip equipment.

For a good 5 days, attendees enjoy workshops, seminars, hands-on computer labs and photo safaris to picturesque locations in southern Florida. For my own part, I enjoy rubbing shoulders with some great photographers and old friends – its great to trade stories, tips and otherwise just hang out and relax after hours… I get to attend seminars and workshops with some of the greats (whenever, I’m not teaching myself) as a perk for providing my teaching services for expenses only. The main reason for the event is to promote workshops that happen later in the year! I invite everyone on the east coast to check out the Palm Beach Photo Center website in a couple of weeks to find out about workshops that will be offered. I’ll post my workshops, as soon as they are scheduled here…

I’m writing this now from the teachers lounge in the center as I wait for a student to show up for a private session with me. I like to make myself available for interested students as much as possible since I’m here anyway. So those that have the courage to ask often get a private tutoring session for free – if you find yourself at FOTOfusion next year – look me up – a lot can get accomplished with a laptop and short time.

Next post I promise to expand on the colorspace, bit depth – channel topic… best regards until then!