Bobbi & Lee’s Photo Adventures Presents a Portrait Photo Workshop Series in Seattle

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Join the dynamic duo of photography, Bobbi Lane, the Mistress of Light, and Lee Varis, the Sultan of Skin, for a portrait photography intensive in Seattle: May 3rd – 5th & May 7th – Including a full day at  FLUTTER Studios

Bobbi & Lee will lead you on a photo-adventure in the fine art and craft of the portrait. You will be guided, step-by-step in how to use light, both natural and portable flash, to create an effective portrait. Essential techniques for lighting & posing will be provided in hands-on, supervised shooting sessions, with a variety of subjects, in the studio, and on location. After your shooting experience, you can elect to really dig into post processing with Lee Varis, where you will learn how to enhance your images, using sophisticated techniques that leverage the power of your computer, to mimic the look of expensive retouching, without relying on special artistic ability!

Fully immerse yourself in a 2 ½ day workshop- Portraits: Natural and Flash on May 3rd – 5th.

Or participate in one, two or three short intensive workshops on Sat. May 7th

Portraits, Natural & Flash – May 3rd – 5th,  lighting, posing & directing with Bobbi Lane & Lee Varis

This fun and intense 2 & 1/2 day shooting workshop is designed for emerging photographers or those who seek to make better portraits without a lot of expensive equipment. We’ll show you how to easily and effectively use your flash, on and off camera, to create beautiful light utilizing flash modifiers. Using only natural light and reflectors, you will learn to find and “see” the light and how to control it for flattering portraits. We have a great location for the natural light segment and we will use FLUTTER Studios for the interior shots..

Cost $450, including studio & model fees – limited to 12 Participants Buy Now

Sat. May 7th We offer four choices for short intensive workshops—get a discount for more than one (scroll down for payment options):

Lightroom & Photoshop workflow with Lee Varis— 8:30am – 11:00am:   This hands-on workshop will teach you how to set up an effective Lightroom workflow for portrait photography. Learn how to get in and out of Lightroom in the most efficient way—know when and how to get into Photoshop for more detailed retouching chores, and learn the basic techniques for portrait enhancement.

Cost $100 

Photoshop Portrait Retouching with Lee Varis— 1:00pm – 4:00pm:   Spend the afternoon in an immersive, hands-on Photoshop retouching experience where Lee will show you how to take advantage of advanced techniques, that are simple to use when you know the secrets. You will learn how to enhance your images using sophisticated techniques that leverage the power of your computer to mimic the look of expensive retouching without relying on special artistic ability! You will learn how to achieve special skin smoothing effects, as well as tone-shaping, and color correcting to idealize any portrait. Go beyond the basics to take your portraits to the next level.

Cost $100 Buy Now

Portraits UnPlugged with Bobbi Lane— 1:00pm – 4:00pm: The beauty of natural light is everywhere, if you know how to find it! We shoot at a beautiful location, scout the great light for your subject, modify it with reflectors and diffusers and make the background enhance the subject. This is a shooting workshop with models!.

Cost $100 Buy Now

Drag-the-Shutter: Speedlights for Twilight & Night Time with Bobbi Lane— 5:00pm – 9:00pm,   Master the magic of twilight and night time photography to create exciting  images of people in the blue hour and beyond. Bobbi and Lee will teach their favorite techniques for combining flash with ambient, shaking the camera, and other fun and unique techniques. This is a shooting workshop with models!

Cost $100 Buy Now

Register for two, or three with a discount to create your personal photo-experience:

Lightroom Workflow + Portrait Retouching – $175  

LightroomWorkflow + Portraits UnPlugged – $175 Buy Now

Lightroom Workflow + Drag-the-Shutter – $175 Buy Now

Portraits UnPlugged + Drag-the-Shutter – $175 Buy Now

Portrait Retouching + Drag-the-Shutter – $175 Buy Now

Lightroom Workflow + Portrait Retouching + Drag-the-Shutter – $250 Buy Now

Lightroom Workflow + Portraits UnPlugged + Drag-the-Shutter – $250 Buy Now

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