Sample Files

Download RGB versions of various files used in the book by the author - These image files are copyrighted; they are intended for your private use in learning the techniques presented in this book. You are permitted to manipulate them and print them to check how well you did. You may not publish them in any way, including posting them online, sharing them, or allowing any reproduction beyond what you need for your own private use.

The images are presented in their original sRGB form - very often the way things print in CMYK is somewhat different from how they look in their original RGB, especially if you don't have any control at the printing phase of the project (as was the case with this book.) The files are presented here with the color samplers I used while editing for the book. 

  • Introduction
    A few images provided as reference you can compare to the printed versions.
  • Chapter-1
    The image files from the chapter
  • Chapter- 2
    The Chapter opening image plus the two versions of the landscape image.
  • Chapter- 3
    My case study images provided as reference - compare to the printed versions.
  • Chapter- 4
    The Chapter opening image plus the tutorial images – flat images are Jpegs, the final images are provided as layered Tiff files with zip compression. The tiffs will only open in Photoshop. A few of the additional samples are provided in before and after versions with layers. This is a big download!
  • Chapter- 5
    Due to file size considerations only one HDR example is provided with the original Dng files for assembly.
  • Gallery
    The gallery images plus some of the other additional images sprinkled throughout the book.
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