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I’m Lee Varis, photographer, educator and digital imaging artist. I have maintained a website at this domain for over 15 years. I have divided my 40 years of experience almost equally  between traditional film-based  and digital imaging photography. This gives me a unique perspective on the evolution of photographic technology grounded in the tradition of old school craft.

Upcoming Seminars, Workshops & Appearances

  • 04/17/15 - 04/19/15
    The dynamic duo of Bobbi Lane, the Mistress of Light, and Lee Varis, the Sultan of Skin take you on a photographic adventure to master the art of creating flattering and effective portraits of real people. You will learn the essential techniques for photographing normal people in the real world, without fancy wardrobe, expensive hair and makeup, or extreme and difficult retouching. Bobbi will teach you how to use corrective posing and lighting techniques to overcome challenging subjects and Lee will teach you how to refine and finish the image into a marketable photograph. More information
  • 05/14/15 - 05/23/15
    Tour the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos for the photo-adventure of a lifetime!
  • 05/26/15 - 06/07/15
    A multi-city tour of Turkey with stops in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Sanliurfa, Mount Nemrut, and Adiyaman More information

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  1. nick bruce

    Ahh THIS this year! Look forward to it .Are you planning on doing anything in the UK in the future? Anyway, thanks for all the great tutorials you give out, it is very generous of you and most appreciated.
    Nick Bruce.


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