Resources for Mastering Exposure

Additional resources for the serious photographer

    This is the light meter that I use - highly recommended. Be sure to download the latest software for use in custom calibrations for your camera.
  • Tutorial: Beyond Skin: Going Deeper with Photoshop CS3
    My video tutorials on - there is a lot content here that is a little more focussed on people photography and was created for CS3 but it is still quite valuable so check it out.
  • Integrated Color Corp.: ColorEyes Display Pro DTP-94 Bundle
    This is the monitor profiling system I use. The DPT-94 is made by X-Rite and is easily the very best monitor colorimeter for profiling your monitor – it is currently only available through Integrated Color as a bundle with their great software. I've used everyhting out there and this is the best - a little slower than the rest but the iterative process it uses gives the best neutrality for your monitor.
  • X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
    If you do not already have a ColorChecker target, get this one from X-Rite! This is the system I'm using right now.
  • Digital 1 to 1 - Digital Photography Made Simple
    A great education site about digital photography – Ken and Santino provide an entertaining yet comprehensive introduction to basic photography as it is practiced in the 21st Century! Invaluable to new photographers who might be intimidated by technological complexity – this dynamic duo breaks it all down into a simple straight forward presentation that is sure to improve your photography.
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