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Lee Varis 2014

Mentorships with Lee Varis for the Emerging Photographer/Retoucher

In a competitive market, commercial  photographers and retouchers must possess the information that is essential to setting up and growing their business as well as
a comprehensive knowledge of creative techniques. If
you are looking to make a full or part-time transition to photography and/or retouching, or if you’re just getting into the business, my mentoring program will provide you with the skills needed for digital photography, post processing, and retouching, along with the practical
understanding of sound business practices.
Use my experience to your benefit!
I take my mentoring relationships seriously, focusing on your particular needs
including: your identity/logo and marketing collateral materials, creating a
great website, developing a solid business and marketing plan, understanding
job pricing, copyrights, and client negotiations. Together, we will cover all the
business basics: setting up bank accounts, bookkeeping, accounting, insurance,
advertising, equipment needs, and more.

I will custom make a program to suit your needs. It can take shape as individual sessions, a series of five or ten, or a full year unlimited access.

Please contact me for more information about private, in-person mentoring.

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I am also available for one-on-one, live video, online tutoring through Google Helpouts so you can access my expertise from anywhere through your computer. This is especially useful for computer & software training, as we can share out screens, and I can actually use your computer to show you how to do things in Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom. Sign up for a Helpout today :


Upcoming Seminars, Workshops & Appearances

  • 07/24/17 - 07/28/17
    Join Lee Varis, an award-winning photographer and Photoshop guru, in a week-long intensive course designed to take your Photoshop skills to the next level. Varis shares advanced techniques for raw processing, color correcting “by-the-numbers,” selections and masks, retouching, black-and-white conversions, and sharpening. The goal of the class is to develop the skills necessary to craft a good photographic “master file” that can be repurposed for different applications, be it web delivery, prints, books, or magazines. This course is recommended for photographers who have a basic understanding of the Photoshop interface, and working knowledge of input-output and computer workflow. More information
  • 08/05/17
    Lee Varis presents a deep dive workshop in a new advanced image enhancement workflow that leverages the unique tone and contrast structures of the 10 grayscale channels of Photoshop’s three main color workspaces: RGB, Lab, and CMYK. Discover how you can achieve amazing color and tone enhancements that go well beyond luminosity masks, and deliver HDR-like results without halos or other artifacts. Especially well suited to landscape photography, the 10-Channel workflow is also extremely useful for portrait photography, and other genres where tonal shaping can enhance the image. Related post. More information
  • 08/12/17
    This one day workshop is a fun and creative class! Balancing strobe and ambient light is tricky but the results can be amazing. We use the flash to illuminate the subject, and slow the shutter speed (hence the term “dragging”) to pull in the background ambient light. Once you get the basic concept of how to set your flash and what camera settings to use, it’s easy and fun to experiment. Related post. More information
  • 08/13/17 - 08/19/17
    The modern photographer has to navigate through more than real world situations to encompass the virtual world of Facebook, Flickr, Wordpress, Dropbox, YouTube, Instagram, and more. This requires intimate knowledge of more than one or two Adobe apps! This course examines various modern photography workflows that import, edit, process, and push images out into the world onto multiple platforms. While Lightroom remains a key component of these various workflows it is not a be-all, end-all solution by any stretch of the imagination, so we will also look at other applications, desktop and web based, to offer a more complete picture of the hyper-connected world the modern photographer now lives in! Related post. More information
  • 09/10/17 - 09/16/17
    Join Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis for an adventure in the land of fire and ice to capture the spirit of nature in the amazing intersection of light, land, water, and sky! Iceland is one of the truly uncorrupted places on the planet, and we will have unprecedented access with our private luxury vehicle and knowledgeable support from Focus on Nature. The end of summer provides us with over 13 hours of sunlight, plus a couple hours of twilight, so we will shoot early and late, taking advantage of both the blue and golden hours. We shoot what photographers love, breathtaking views of lagoons, waterfalls, glaciers, and black sand beaches in gorgeous light. We immerse ourselves in the out of the way villages and meet and photograph the locals, the farms and the Icelandic horses. Bobbi and Lee help you find your personal vision and how to take your images from snapshots to stunningly beautiful images. We spend time observing and understanding the essence of the place and the people, and then use our photographic techniques to make images that sing with depth and meaning. More information

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