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I am in the process of downsizing and getting rid of a lot of extra gear to arrive at the simplest, bare minimum amount of "kit." I am looking to find a good home for the following very valuable, fully functioning items:

Anthro Cart - Console Unit computer desk

See it here: The classic computer desk with 4" casters, CD holder, CPU SideRack and extra shelf. New this unit is $2000, I will sell for $750.00, perfect condition, already assembled.

Kidney shaped office table - tubular steel legs, composite top – very sturdy about 66" long. This table is practically indestructible! Three legs on 5" locking casters, a very classy flexible workspace table – $100.00

GTi PDV 1e D-50 desktop viewing light - mint condition,  11.7x 16 viewing area. New this unit is $450 - I will sell for $125.00

Photography Gear:

4x5 Horseman View Camera - mint condition with 210mm Schneider APO Symmar lens & 135 mm Schneider APO Symmar lens in Copal shutters with lens boards, 4x5 film holders, polaroid and roll film backs. This is an LX-C model with the focus computer. Ridiculously expensive new, I'm willing to sell the whole kit for $1500 or almost half the cost of the 135mm lens alone...

Kowa 66 6x6 roll film camera - of interest to collectors this camera features a "slideless" magazine complete with 80mm lens (I have an extra 80mm lens as well. My first pro camera! The lens is actually quite good... $50

Misc. studio gear -

Buy anything from this page and I'll give you your choice of various light stands, small tripods and other accessories for free if you can come by to pick them up...

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