I thought I’d get the year started with a brand new Photoshop technique—another preview of my online course called The Fundamentals of Photo-Illustration in Photoshop—this technique works wonders with very wispy hair and preserves ALL of the hair detail. While it doesn’t work well with all subjects, it is spectacular with dark or light (or both at the same time) hair. This tutorial is only part of a longer and more detailed tutorial contained in the course, but the basic technique is well outlined here:

As usual, I don’t stop with the masking technique, but show how to finish the composite by color correcting the subject to fit with the background image. A very critical step that is often ignored… This is a new technique I have been working on for a while, It came to me after some inspiring reads on https://hackyourselfpretty.com/ – comments are welcome!

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 The Fundamentals of Photo-Illustration in Photoshop