Video Tutorials

The following collection of video tutorials is presented in no particular order. Some of the tutorials are quite advanced, some are very basic. Most are available from my YouTube channel.  Please check back here frequently as new tutorials are added on a regular basis.


5 thoughts on “Video Tutorials

  1. Mihir Mishra

    Amazing tutorials!!! First off, I am a Landscape Photography Enthusiast!!! Im addicted to it since last 5 years. My art grew very slowly, considering the fact that Landscape Photography is still not that big a thing here in my country. Over time I’ve improved it wherever I can. Even after learning the Luminosity Masking, I’ve always amazed that how do people achieve those kind of colours and details in their images. Your 10 Channels tutorial did it all for me… Perhaps its may be like, many people are using your techniques but are not revealing it. Im glad to have you found by Youtube. Thank You for teaching us all of the secrets of this Industry!!! Keep up the great work Sir Lee!!! Also, it would be very helpful, if you can have a look at my work and suggest me constructive work needed in my work. I am attaching the link to my Photography page.


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