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Image Enhancement Workflow


Lee Varis reveals his landscape image enhancement workflow in a detailed step-by-step tutorial, starting in Lightroom, and finishing in Photoshop. Along the way you will learn about noise reduction in Lightroom, pre-adjustments in Lightroom, opening as Layers into Photoshop, building layer masks, using channel luminosity, increasing saturation in Lab, applying a channel to an empty layer in Photoshop, creating a B&W conversion using multiple channels, and doing split toning in Photoshop.

Secrets of the Mask Panel

Lee Varis examines masking and compositing in Photoshop CS5 with special emphasis on managing fine hair wisps using the Mask Panel and the Refine Edge dialog. He ends with a further refinement to color the hair edges to match the background color…

New Technopod Adventure – Potrero War 2011

Warrior 2 Profile

Lee Varis visits the current middle ages in lower San Diego County! See some medieval battle action and some portraits of participants. A spectacular panorama sunset closes the article…