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How to Fix Background Wrinkles


Quick Fix for Problem Seamless My wife Bobbi Lane, and I recently did a photo shoot for some of Bobbi’s musician friends. They needed a couple of group shots, in various ensemble combinations, to use for upcoming gigs. The problem was that getting everyone together at the same time was a little difficult, and it […]

Real People Portraits

Lee Varis gives a break-down of a recent photo shoot, that explores lighting and post processing issues for “Real People Portraits” featuring the Phottix Indra500, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

Lab Luminosity Masks

Lee Varis builds a landscape image from two exposures, blended together using a mask from the “b” channel of a Lab version of the image. The step-by-step tutorial covers luminosity masks, layer blend modes, Burn Tool mask editing, Lab color editing, and a sophisticated selective sharpening technique, in a 10-Channel Workflow approach to image editing.

Photo-Illustration: Creating New Images with Photo elements

The Magician

Lee Varis examines his creative process for photo-illustration using one of his Tarot card images in a step-by-step tutorial.

Simulate Drag Shutter Effect in Photoshop

Lee Varis provides a step-by-step tutorial on simulating a “drag shutter” effect in Photoshop. Techniques covered include his ultimate hair edge method utilizing a Hardlight blend mode to preserve all the fine hair wisps.

Build Custom Backdrops for a Glamour Image in Photoshop

Lee Varis shares the post process technique he used with this most recent workshop and introduces a technique for creating custom backdrops in Photoshop using custom brushes.

Advanced Hair Masking Technique in Photoshop

Lee Varis shows an advanced hair masking technique that DOES NOT rely on the Refine Edge dialog in Photoshop CS6. Instead, this unique approach utilizes the Hard Light blend mode with a subject shot on a gray background.

Classic Hollywood B&W Glamour

Lee Varis shows how to convert a color photo into the kind of classic B&W of the Hollywood glamour portraits of the 1930’s. This is the Photoshop post processing part of his Classic B&W Portrait workshop at the California Photo Festival.

Secrets of the Mask Panel

Lee Varis examines masking and compositing in Photoshop CS5 with special emphasis on managing fine hair wisps using the Mask Panel and the Refine Edge dialog. He ends with a further refinement to color the hair edges to match the background color…