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Image Enhancement Workflow


Lee Varis reveals his landscape image enhancement workflow in a detailed step-by-step tutorial, starting in Lightroom, and finishing in Photoshop. Along the way you will learn about noise reduction in Lightroom, pre-adjustments in Lightroom, opening as Layers into Photoshop, building layer masks, using channel luminosity, increasing saturation in Lab, applying a channel to an empty layer in Photoshop, creating a B&W conversion using multiple channels, and doing split toning in Photoshop.

Image Enhancement Workflow

10-Channel Workflow

Lee Varis examines his 10-Channel Workflow in a step-by-step tutorial using a landscape image, creating a spectacular enhancement with channel blending.

Luminosity Blending – 1

Part of a live presentation I made for the Tucson Photography Meetup group, Feb. 26th, 2011. This tutorial goes over a B&W conversion technique using the grayscale channels and then shows how to apply that luminosity back over the original color image.

Lightening Dark Skin with Luminosity Blending

Lee Varis presents a step-by-step tutorial on lightening dark skin using Luminosity Blending and related techniques from his 10-Channel Workflow.