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Image Enhancement Workflow

10-Channel Workflow

Lee Varis examines his 10-Channel Workflow in a step-by-step tutorial using a landscape image, creating a spectacular enhancement with channel blending.

Advanced Hair Masking Technique in Photoshop

Lee Varis shows an advanced hair masking technique that DOES NOT rely on the Refine Edge dialog in Photoshop CS6. Instead, this unique approach utilizes the Hard Light blend mode with a subject shot on a gray background.

Neon PhotoWalk – Color & Tone

Lee Varis examines the concept of tone shaping to control how the eye moves in a photographic composition, even when it displays prominent colors using images captured during the Adobe Neon PhotoWalk…

Lightening Dark Skin with Luminosity Blending

Lee Varis presents a step-by-step tutorial on lightening dark skin using Luminosity Blending and related techniques from his 10-Channel Workflow.