PDF Tutorials

This collection of step-by-step tutorials provides advanced instruction in a variety of digital imaging techniques. These detailed , fully illustrated, instructions explore fundamental concepts in photo digital image enhancement and go beyond the typical “tips and tricks” approach. The techniques presented here apply equally well to earlier and current versions of Photoshop and other imaging software. If you spend some time with these lessons, you will discover a whole new approach to digital imaging photography.


4 thoughts on “PDF Tutorials

  1. Shai Yammanee

    Thank you so much for sharing these tutorials.
    I’m slowly working my way through them one by one, and learning so much with each lesson.
    Thank you again for sharing this wealth of information with us all.

  2. nick foster

    Lee….you had a fan, not i’m a student of yours……I just starting going through the tutorials…i had so many questions but now I see the light at the end of the tunnel…..Thans


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