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Lee Varis — Author, Photographer and Digital Imaging Guru– Creator of the 10-Channel Workflow and the Digital Zone System. Lee is the foremost expert on digital photography. Starting his career as a commercial photographer he segued into photo illustration creating album covers for music giants Warner Bros. Records and Sony Music, as well as advertising and key art for major motion pictures studios Paramount Studios, Fox, MGM and Warner Bros, and national publications National Geographic and Newsweek. Early on Lee led training activities and imaging seminars on a nationwide traveling tour for Apple Computers. As an expert in color theory, Lee embraces the use of imaging software and technology to create digital images that transcend the original source materials. Over the past 20 years Lee has developed his skills as an award winning photographer but also has mastered the use of photoshop, lighting, special effects and color management. He has authored three books, "Digital Photography for Creative Professionals", detailing the basics of the use of new technology and software in digital photography, and the best-seller, "Skin: The Complete Guide to Digital Lighting, Photography and Retouching Faces and Bodies," as well as "Mastering Exposure and the Zone System for Digital Photographers." Each of these books have helped guide the pathway for many professional photographers working today. Lee is a member of APA, ASMP, NAPP, DIMA/PMA and is the president of the LADIG—web site:

Do You Need a Printer?


Consider Using a Professional Service Instead of Investing in Expensive Hardware! You may notice that I am not asking whether you need a print! All photographers need to print their work—printing is part of the image creation process, part of the visual learning process, and part of the path to photo-mastery. Even if most of […]

Cambo Actus & FUJIFILM GFX

FUJIFILM GFX + Cambo Actus

Lee Varis examines the Cambo Actus technical camera system with the FUJIFILM GFX medium format camera, and explores applications for the back shift in architectural photography