Using Lightroom as a Comping Tool

These days it is very popular for photographers to do all of their image enhancements in Lightroom, never once entering Photoshop. There are quite a few photographers entering the field who have never even opened Photoshop, and if it doesn’t work with simple sliders, they’re not interested. While it may be true that some images don’t require much in the way of post processing, I believe that most photographic images can be much better with just a little bit of post processing help! The question many are asking is, how necessary is Photoshop when we have all these amazing things we can do in Lightroom!

For me Lightroom is primarily an image management system and a workflow production tool. I don’t consider it a fine image editor. However, Lightroom can be a wonderful comping tool to help the photographer pre-visualize what enhancements will benefit an image.

Here is a case in point: an image by Bobbi Lane, that I was working on to promote our upcoming travel tour to Turkey! Here is the raw image as captured by the camera:

Adventure in Color and Tone

Bobbi and I are leading a photo tour to Turkey May 26th – June 7th, and I will be providing personal training in image enhancement techniques for your travel photos through the tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture spectacular images in an exotic, yet totally comfortable country—see Istanbul and the amazing rock cave city of Cappadocia, as well as other wonders, and come away with the best pictures of your life. See more details here:

Epic Photo Tours Turkey


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