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Despite the wishes of most avid photographers, the photographic image is not really finished at the moment of capture. Every image can benefit with some level of post processing, even if it is just a modest adjustment in white balance or contrast. Most people never realize the potential of a captured image because they stop well before exploring all the enhancements that are possible. It is my belief that you don’t really know how good an image can be until you’ve pushed it too far!

I have a basic image enhancement workflow, I call the 10-channel Workflow, based on the ground breaking work of Dan Margulis, that attempts to push beyond the normal limits of image processing to deliver a stunning level of color and tone. This process takes advantage of the unique tonal rendering of the individual channels of an image as it can exist in the three major workspaces in Photoshop. Consider, for example, this simple image of a sunflower:

“Image Enhancement Workflow” workshop in Santa Fe, June 22nd – 27th – I encourage you to sign up if you have any interest in dramatically enhancing your imagery – sign up here:

I have an older video tutorial of this technique, using a different image, that you also may find useful – 4 parts on Vimeo – see it here:

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