In advance of our workshop on Hollywood Lighting in Los Angeles, on May 13th & 14th, 2017,  I am posting this detailed tutorial on B&W portrait technique in Photoshop. This is the post processing part of our workshop exploring George Hurrell style lighting techniques. Here I show how to use multiple channels, blended together in Layers, to generate an idealized B&W conversion from a color photo, as well as:

• Liquify for figure shaping

• The Photo Filter for sepia toning

• A split toning technique

• The new Iris Blur filter in CS6

This video is part of my course: “The Fundamentals of Photo-Illustration in Photoshop” – the course contains 15 projects, 9 hours of video plus 2.5 gigs of sample files, layered Psd documents, PDFs, etc… Click below to purchase the course:

The Fundamentals of Photo-Illustration in Photoshop

Bobbi Lane and I will be doing a workshop in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Center for Photography on “Hollywood Lighting in the Hurrell Style,” March 9th, 10th & 11th, 2018 where I will be covering retouching techniques like this one, as well as many others. If you are in the LA area, and would like a more personal lesson in Glamour lighting and retouching retouching – register for our workshop here.