Low Cost Photo Hanging Solution

Minimalist Gallery Print Installation

I currently have a show of my Tarot images hanging in the Calumet Photo Los Angeles store—22, 16×20 prints are being displayed in a separate gallery room in the back of the store. The show is up through August 5th and the reception is July 24th!


Lee Varis with Prints

The prints from the show are mounted directly to the walls.

This is not a traditional gallery show; Calumet cannot act as an agent to sell prints and the cost of producing the show was all on me. With little opportunity to make money from the sale of prints, I was more interested in keeping costs down so I really needed to find an inexpensive solution for displaying the prints. Most of the cost of a gallery show is in the framing and hanging of prints!

My solution was to mount the prints directly to the walls with Magnetacks! These are a very cool kind of magnetic push pin system that allows for attaching the prints without putting holes in them.

Tarot Print

The prints are hung with Magnetacks, which are small magnetic dots that hold the print to a magnetic thumbtack.

The system sandwiches the print between a magnetic dot and the head of a thumbtack.

Magnetack 1

The complete magnetack.

Magnetack 2

The thumbtack portion pushed into the wall.

Magnetack 3

A powerful magnet end piece locks onto the thumbtack.

Magnetack 4

The magnet holds the print without damage.

Magnetack 5

An attractive minimalist solution.

Hanging prints in this way is very easy. The print can be leveled just by pulling and pushing into position because only the friction of the magnets are holding the print—it is infinitely adjustable! The cost of the tack system is quite reasonable as well. 48 Magnetacks, enough to hang all 22 prints, cost $50, or less than the cost of one frame!

You can buy Magnetacks from their website: http://www.themagnetack.com



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  1. gayle jacobs

    Loved idea of magnets to hold up prints, cards, notes on wall without putting ahole throught the piece of art. As a professional organizer I would like to use this with many of my clients.Can I contact them directly. I went to the website but it gives me no options to contact them. Thanks for your posting.


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