New Skin Smoothing Technique

This step-by-step video tutorial was part of a presentation I just gave at Orange Coast College. I examine a brand new technique for ironing out bumps and blotches while preserving the fine skin texture using only one additional layer. This technique is very easy to execute if you know the secret… If anyone knows the original inventor of this technique please let me know – I’d like to buy them a beer! (update: Calvin Hollywood is the inventor of this technique)

Compare this with the more involved technique in the previous post.

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2 thoughts on “New Skin Smoothing Technique

  1. tompgreen

    This technique, with the use of a smart object layer and other small hints, was introduced to me in the March 2010 issue of “Photoshop User” magazine in an article by Katrin Eismann.

    She gave credit with the following statement:

    “With thanks for the insights and inspiration of Calvin Hollywood and Alessandro Bernardi, who inspired me to explore this technique …”

    So it seems it was a collaborative effort to develop this technique.

    It was Ms. Eismann’s many references, in her own books, to your techniques that had me look up your printed efforts, which led me to purchase your “Mastering Exposure and the Zone System for Digital Photographers” and “Skin 2”. I enjoyed both efforts and constantly refer back to them as useful references. It’s nice to have information in accessible printed forms as it allows me to use my dwindling supply of brain cells for more urgent needs.

    Looking forward to your future efforts particularly with the use of grayscale in conjunction with color files.


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