Use High Pass Overlay for Texture

A new Video Tutorial on enhancing wrinkles and texture…

I haven’t uploaded a tutorial in a while so here is a short video on how to emphasize wrinkles and get a sharpening effect using a High Pass layer in Overlay mode. This was part of the seminar I gave for the Tucson Photography Meetup group this past Feb 26th, 2011. This one immediately followed a tutorial I posted previously here. Many thanks to Audrey Stein who supplied the image used in this tutorial.


You can use this technique whenever you want to increase detail in local areas of contrast as apposed to global contrast moves. The effect is essentially the same as you get in Lightroom with the “Clarity” slider. To achieve “negative Clarity” remember to invert the High Pass layer. You can duplicate the layer to double the intensity of the effect so you can easily create a much more intense effect than is possible in Lightroom.


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