The Current Middle Ages Under the Oaks

Kicking Back at Kings Hunt…

So… immediately after Palm Springs, I drove up to Santa Barbara and into the mountains to Live Oak Camp (and back 500 years) to experience the Society for Creative Anachronism event “Kings Hunt.” No actual hunting occurred but there was plenty of mediaeval  fighting arts on display as well as a feast and much partying at “The Inn of the Crimson Spade.” My excuse for participating in the event was my daughter’s SCA “wedding” where she and her real world husband re-created a wedding ceremony, cira 1520’s, on board a ship in Southern Spain…

Mock Ship assembled at Camp

The ship "White Star" anchored at King's Hunt

I was planning on photographing the event but, as it turned out, the ceremony was delayed until later at night, there was a new moon with almost no light (just a few candles) and I didn’t have my Micro Pro’s with me… plus, I was the music accompaniment so no time to shoot anyway! I did take plenty of pictures during the day and was especially lucky to shoot a fencing lesson given by Captain Don Lot Ramirez for his students Diego and Raphael…

Fencing Lesson-1

Captain Lot explains some of the finer points of rapier fencing to Raphael

The fencing lesson took place under the oaks and a few curious folk gathered to have a look as the lesson progressed…

Fencing Lesson-2

Diego and Raphael face off to practice a counter-attach

The fighting arts were not the only thing going on at this event. There was a bit more gentle activity as well. Many people pursue various creative arts that would be appropriate for the period covered by the society, roughly 600 to 1600 AD…

Music Lesson

Two ladies take time for a music lesson with the lute

The members of the SCA strive to re-create the ambiance of a simpler time before mass media conditioned us to passive entertainment. These people are all about participation in an elaborate roll playing game of life. The values of honor and chivalry are cultivated and hand crafts that encourage self reliance are practiced and perfected solely for the enjoyment of the group. Members like to say that they are re-creating the middle ages as they should have been minus the death and pestilence…

I’ve uploaded a selection of images from this past Kings Hunt at my Flickr account here:

Here is a final parting shot of my Technopod under the trees – my little hobbit hut has become quite popular at these events!


Technopod Under Tress

My little Hobbit Hut, aka the Technopod












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